Every student is assigned an advisor. Advisors will meet with their group of 12-14 students twice a week for 30 minutes. The role of the advisor is one of culture building, support and advocacy. They are there to get to know that group of 12-14 students well and track how each of them are doing academically, socially, behaviorally. They will help students set goals and work towards them. They are sounding boards and the go-to person for questions about how things work at EPS. They are a cheerleader and a coach. They are also an important resource for parents. You should see your student’s advisor as your go-to person as well. That relationship will undoubtedly look different as students navigate different developmental stages. As students start to take the reins more and embrace self-advocacy, so often advisors will work with parents, while almost always encouraging parents to guide students to start to initiate conversations themselves when they need support. In a time when students are starting to pull away from parents in a normal and developmentally appropriate way, the advisor can also serve as an important third party to help address behavior and patterns when needed. Please don’t hesitate to contact your student’s advisor if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Questions? Contact your advisor directly once they have been assigned. If you have general questions or concerns about the program, please contact your Division Head: