About the Association of Parents and Guardians

The purpose of the Association of Parents and Guardians (APG) is to promote community, hospitality and school volunteerism. The Association’s mission is to facilitate and enhance the relationship and communication between our community of families and the school, to support the school’s exceptional learning environment, and to enrich the educational and social experience for families, students, faculty and staff.

All parents and guardians of students currently enrolled at Eastside Preparatory School are members of APG. The Association is structured with a ten-member Executive Committee and two to three representatives for each class. General membership meetings are held at regular intervals through the year and are open to all parents and guardians. The Parent Association page on the EPS website contains helpful documents and tools including contact information for current Executive Committee members and class representatives and a calendar of activities and meetings.

Participation in the many activities sponsored by APG is a fun and fulfilling way for parents and guardians to become involved in the EPS community. To get involved; complete the Volunteer Form, contact an Executive Committee member or class representative listed on the website, attend a general meeting and look for e-mails from your class representative announcing volunteer opportunities. Click HERE to learn more about a variety of volunteer opportunities.

For a full description of an APG class representative, please click HERE.

For meeting schedules and calendar events, please visit the Eastside Prep School Events Calendar.