Eastside Preparatory School Association  of Parents and Guardians Bylaws


The name of the association shall be the Eastside Preparatory School Association of Parent and Guardians. (EPSAPG)


The purpose of the EPSAPG is to promote community, hospitality and volunteerism. The association’s mission is to facilitate and enhance the relationship and communication between our community of families and the school, to support the school’s exceptional learning environment, and to enrich the educational and social experience for families, students, faculty and staff.


All parents and guardians of students currently enrolled at Eastside Preparatory School shall be members of the EPSAPG. There shall be no dues for membership.


Expenses of the EPSAPG shall be funded by an annual allocation from the Eastside Preparatory School operating budget. The Head of School shall determine the amount of funding annually. EPSAPG shall have the authority to budget the allocated funds.


As governing board of the EPSAPG, the Executive Committee shall be responsible for conducting the general business of the Association of Parents and Guardians and may consist of the following members:

  • Past-President (ex officio member)
  • President
  • President Elect
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Vice-President(s) of Volunteerism/Volunteer Coordinator(s)
  • Vice-President(s) of Hospitality
  • Lead Sports Booster
  • Lead Arts Booster
  • Vice-President(s) of Teacher Appreciation


Each grade level shall be represented by at least one Association of Parents and Guardians volunteer who will serve as liaison between the school and their respective grade level parents. For larger classes, multiple grade level representatives will be encouraged with the goal of achieving one class representative per twelve students. Grade level representatives are members of the EPSAPG, but are not part of the Executive Committee. Any parent interested in becoming a class representative shall contact a member of the Executive Committee during the spring or summer preceding the year in which they wish to serve.


Meetings of both the EPSAPG general membership and the EPSAPG Executive Committee shall be held at regular intervals during the school year at the call of the President as needed, with a minimum of four meetings per year. It is anticipated that an Executive Committee meeting shall precede each meeting of the general membership by approximately one week.


  1. The Executive Committee shall solicit and identify potential candidates for positions on the Executive Committee and will develop a slate of candidates for presentation to the EPSAPG each year.
  2. At a spring meeting of the EPSAPG as determined by the President, the Executive Committee shall present their slate of candidates. Nominations from the general membership for Executive Committee positions shall also be accepted from the floor at that time with the consent of the nominees and the Executive Committee, and an election of the slate of officers shall occur.
  3. Transition to the upcoming year’s slate of Executive Committee officers will occur on the last day of school each year
  4. The immediate Past President shall serve as an ex officio member of the Executive Committee.
  5. In the event of the resignation of an Executive Committee officer, the President and the Executive Committee shall appoint a replacement to serve out the remainder of the school year.
  6. A voting member of the Eastside Preparatory School Board of Trustees or his/her spouse may not serve in any of the following positions on the EPSAPG Executive Committee during his/her term of membership on the Board of Trustees: President, President-Elect. The President of the EPSAPG serves as an ex-officio member of the board of trustees during his/her term of office.
  7. An employee of the school may not hold the following positions on the Executive Committee: President, President-Elect.
  8. The term of office for a voting member of the Executive Committee shall be no more than five years.


These bylaws may be amended either by a vote taken at a general meeting of the EPSAPG or by a vote of the majority of the Executive Committee, provided that in each case, notice of the proposed amendment be submitted to the Executive Committee at least two weeks in advance of any potential action. During this two-week period, the proposed amendment shall be made available to the EPSAPG general membership for public comment. The Executive Committee shall adopt such changes only with approval from the Head of School.