Learning Support

Eastside Prep’s Learning Support Program reflects our appreciation for students’ learning differences and the school’s commitment to helping a diverse body of students engage in our rigorous college prep curriculum. Learning Support is available to all students who need additional support. We offer the following

  • Study Skills and Organizational Support: This is available for all EPS students. Any student can request a check-in meeting to refine their organizational or study skills. This support can look like a one-time targeted strategy session or an occasional check-in meeting. Additionally, our learning specialists hold formal study sessions that are open to all EPS students prior to finals.
  • Learning Plans/Accommodations: Any student who has gone through a psychoeducational assessment and found there to be learning differences in the picture, can have learning plan put in place. Parents will need to provide a copy of that testing to help inform the accommodations documented based on the student’s learning style. Plans will include reasonable accommodations that a student qualifies for, as well as helpful recommendations that explain a little more about a particular student’s learning style. Please keep in mind that it is important for the testing to be up-to-date, especially in the Upper School, as there is an impact on qualifying for standardized testing accommodations.
  • Guided Study Hall: GSH is a fee-based service internal to EPS that provides additional support to students grades 5-12. All EPS students have a study hall built into their day. GSH varies greatly from a traditional study hall in that each student receives tailored, individual instruction from a Learning Support Specialist who identifies methods and techniques to assist students achieve success. There is a four-to-one student-to-teacher ratio in the GSH setting. Students are not pulled out of an elective or other class to participate in GSH, rather they are just scheduled into GSH instead of a regular study hall. There is a separate Guided Study Hall Agreement that is signed by a family once they have elected to participate in this program. Deadline for enrollment in our Guided Study Hall program is May 1st. After that date, a spot in the program cannot be guaranteed.
  • Questions? Contact our Learning Support Coordinator, Robin Christy at rchristy@eastsideprep.org, 425-822 5668 x365

School Counseling

School-based counseling support at Eastside Prep is available to any student, parent, faculty, or staff member concerned about a student. The school counselor promotes social-emotional learning, provides preventive services, and responds to identified student needs through the implementation a comprehensive school counseling program.  Specifically, services offered in the counseling center are: individual counseling, group counseling, sharing of resources, assessment and referral, advising/problem solving/supporting, and crisis management.

For more information, contact EPS School Counselor Jake Davis at jdavis@eastsideprep.org.