Guided Study Hall

Guided Study Hall (GSH) is a fee-based service internal to Eastside Preparatory School and available to all students. GSH varies from a traditional study hall in that each student receives tailored, individualized instruction from Learning Support Specialists (GSH Instructors) who work with students to identify areas of strength and devise strategies to address areas of struggle. Students attend GSH in place of regular Study Hall with a maximum of 4:1 student to teacher ratio and focus on a variety of skills including self-advocacy, assignment tracking, organization, and study skills. Communication is paramount to making sure students are on track for success.  GSH instructors are in direct contact with each student’s teachers, advisor, and parents to address any academic concerns that may arise.  Each week, students update their parents and advisors on missing and upcoming assignments.  Through reflection questions, students also comment on their progress toward becoming an independent learner.